Need an Event Data Recorder for Transport and Logistics?

By superadmin on August 16, 2017 in Blog

An event data recorder for transport and logistics can improve accountability, encourage responsible driving, reduce fuel costs, minimise downtime and avoid costly fines. If you have this device (or preferably a complete monitoring system) for your fleet, you can possibly save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Small investment, huge returns

Just one accident can cost your company up to $250,000 in fines and liabilities. In addition, your company’s reputation might suffer even if it’s the other party’s fault. You can easily prevent this if you have a recording of the actual event.

Written statements and personal observations are often unreliable. Human error or falsification of statements can make you liable even if your staff practices responsible driving. That’s why many Sydney companies now rely on actual footage instead.

Camera systems in vehicles can record the event in case of an accident. There will be no bias because everyone can see what actually happened. Everyone will know who’s really at fault and liable. The one who will pay the fines and damages is the one actually responsible.

Better safety and efficiency

Drivers of your commercial vehicles will become aware that their driving patterns are being recorded. This will then encourage them to adopt good driving practices while on the road. As a result, there’s a greater chance that they will remain safe while delivering goods.

If you combine the camera system with a GPS and fleet management tracking solution, you also improve the efficiency. With this, you can monitor the speed, time and distance travelled. This will encourage drivers to go straight from point A to point B with minimal deviations from the route (and fewer unnecessary stopovers).

You will also have access to historical vehicle reports which you can review and analyse later. With those reports, you can spot trends and possible opportunities. This can help you improve the efficiency and operation of your whole fleet.

Event data recorder for transport and logistics

It’s a small investment but it can give you hundreds of thousands of dollars in return and savings. It can also indirectly improve your brand and reputation because your company will experience minimal (or even zero) accidents in a long time.

That’s why many Sydney businesses (especially in the transport and logistics sector) have already requested us here at Dela Technologies to install camera systems and GPS monitoring in their commercial vehicles. Call us today at 1300 261 646 and we’ll provide you with modern and cost-effective solutions.