Dash Cam for Vans and Trucks: 3 Advantages for Businesses

By superadmin on May 15, 2017 in Blog

A dash cam for vans and trucks can provide huge benefits and advantages to Australian businesses. It is a recommended way for companies to protect their drivers and fleet. In addition, it is a great way to save on unnecessary expenses.

Specifically, here are the 3 advantages of having dash cams for commercial vehicles:

1. Avoid paying someone else’s fine

Even if your highly trained drivers prioritise safety on the road, accidents can and will still happen. This is due to other careless drivers on the road.

Some other drivers do strange manoeuvres and can cause accidents to nearby vehicles. Once a road accident occurs, it’s time to determine who’s at fault and who is going to pay for the damages and the penalties.

With the help of a dash camera, you will have clear records about who is really accountable. The fine will be charged to the person responsible. This way, you would not be paying someone else’s fine (given that your driver is driving responsibly).

2. Possible insurance discounts on your vehicles

Insurance companies work on risks. The lower the perceived and calculated risks, the lower premiums you pay. Having dash cams in your commercial vehicles might help in lowering those risks seen by the insurance companies.

This is related to the above scenario when it’s the other person’s fault that caused the accident or vehicle damage. This means fewer possible fines that will be charged to you.

Insurance can be complicated. It’s recommended to consult your insurance provider about the coverage.

3. Video records are more reliable than drivers’ and witnesses’ stories

Personal stories and anecdotal evidence are sometimes unreliable. After all, each individual is in his own when accident occurs.

The stories and details can vary. Aside from intentional dishonesty, it is also about human perception. Our angle and our interpretations can bias an investigation.

It all changes when you have dash cameras for your vehicles. You will have reliable video records that would help determine who is accountable. You get a clear documentation of the occurrence and the biases will get out of the way.

Dash cam for vans and trucks Sydney

For businesses relying on regular road transportation (e.g. logistics, tourism, garbage collection, agricultural harvesting and distribution), dash cams will help you avoid paying someone else’s fine.

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