Driver Safety, Duty Of Care & Compliance

A duty of care arises where one individual or group undertakes an activity which could harm another, either physically, mentally, or economically. This includes common activities such as driving (where physical injury may occur).

More than half of all employees who drive as part of their work say they have never received any information or training from their employers about the risks they face while on the road.

Too many employers think their responsibility for employees when they’re at work, ends when they leave the business premises.  Employers who fail to look after their staff, out on the road risk accidents that can result in employees being injured. Apart from being irresponsible, it is bad for their business.

What can companies do?

Ensure that drivers understand their responsibilities in regard to safe driving and vehicle maintenance.

Fit GPS Tracking to these vehicles, which changes driver behaviour to a standard that the industry recognises as acceptable, safe and efficient.

This enables Managers to set acceptable standards for driver behaviour within their fleet, which all drivers are measured in the weekly reports from the system.

From a Duty of Care perspective, setting a ‘standard’ and providing the workforce with the tool to help them achieve the ‘standard’ is a diligent investment in the safety and wellbeing of your workforce.

Simple Management

The manager can setup weekly email reports providing a snapshot into driver performance & behaviour.  A quick glance into these historical reports will confirm all drivers are performing at an acceptable level.

Fuel Savings

These solutions have been proven to provide an average fuel savings of up to 20% by improving how drivers behave.

Dela Technologies recognise that it is critical for many fleets to have a vehicle tracking system in order to track their assets, optimise their operations and keep their personnel secure, therefore providing an easy to use vehicle tracking solution for busy managers with the focus on keeping things simple and providing instant access to critical information.