In Vehicle Camera Systems

In Car Dash Cameras & Rear Vision Systems

Dash Cams & Rear Vision Systems can save you hundreds of dollars and some of the major benefits include:

  • recorded data in the event of an accident
  • automatic and continuous video and audio recording
  • identification of the cause and consequences in the event of an accident
  • valuable record to aid a driver should they be involved in a no-fault collision
  • effective tool to promote road safety and efficiency
  • peace of mind while you are away from your vehicle
  • efficient management of your employees and your fleet

Why Install A Dash Camera In Your Vehicle?

Install a dash camera to protect yourself in the case of an accident. A dash cam provides strong evidence in the case of insurance disputes and fraud.

A dash-cam with parking mode can also protect your parked vehicle from careless drivers who may cause damage to your vehicle and then simply leave the scene. The dashcam will automatically turn on and start recording if your car is impacted while parked.

Commercial vehicles like vans and trucks, the dash camera enables the employer to monitor the driver’s habits, and ensure they are not using company vehicles for personal use, taking longer routes than necessary, making deviations from planned schedules, making unwarranted stops.

All round this allows you to control the unknown and have peace of mind.