Personal Tracking Devices: How They Can Promote Worker Safety

By superadmin on December 18, 2016 in Blog

In any professional workplace, management is obligated by law to provide safe conditions for their employees. This means ensuring that workers can contact help if needed and that their wellbeing can be verified. In a perfect world, this would only require having employees work in a team atmosphere. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

Occasionally, a lone worker may have to complete a task that presents certain risks. And in some cases, the worker may be away from your facility and any cameras you may have set up to monitor activity. When you need to ensure that lone workers remain safe no matter where they’re working, consider utilising personal tracking devices.

How Personal Tracking Devices Help Employees

Employees need to have safe conditions to work in, and part of this means being able to get help quickly in the event there is a problem. But what happens when your workers are in a remote environment? Maybe they’ve had to drive out to deal with utility issues or to deliver products without assistance.

Not all companies have the size or means to send workers out in teams or even in pairs. But personal tracking devices are small, affordable, and efficient when it comes to helping you ensure lone workers are safe. Personal tracking devices can help you keep track of workers when they’re out on the job, and ensure they have a way to contact help should any issues arise.

Real-Time Tracking, Voice Transmission, and More

With quality personal tracking devices, you can track lone workers in real-time and provide them with the ability to contact you as needed. These devices also come with LED indication and vibration functions to help ensure they get the user’s attention. There is even a “man down” fall-detection function that helps provide the advanced protection you need to stop accidents from turning into tragedies.

Personal tracking devices can be the perfect security measure for ensuring your employees stay safe on the job!

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