Dash Cam with GPS: The Perfect Solution for Vehicle Tracking

By superadmin on June 16, 2017 in Blog

A dash cam with GPS for your fleet can help improve efficiency, safety and security. The in-vehicle cameras can promote driver safety and record accident footage. The GPS module can help in tracking and more efficient route planning.

Those two technologies work hand in hand in protecting you from liabilities and getting more results from your investments. That’s why many Australian companies now (even government agencies) take advantage of in-vehicle cameras and GPS tracking devices.

How different industries benefit?

Safety and efficiency are the two keys to becoming profitable in industries relying heavily on travel and transport. For instance, the logistics industry prioritise safety (avoid fines and negative reputation) and efficiency (live location tracking, monitoring of fuel and driver behaviour).

A dash cam can promote safety by encouraging responsible driving habits. In case of an accident, you can use the recorded footage to prove who is really at fault. If it’s the other party, you avoid fines and legal repercussions.

On the other hand, GPS tracking can improve efficiency by ensuring that the vehicle goes from point A to point B (with minimal deviations from the route). This results to savings on fuel and labour costs. This also ensures the timely delivery of critical goods.

Effectively manage assets from any location – Dash cam with GPS

Effective management of the vehicle fleet often hinge on the effectiveness of the tracking and recording systems. The dash cam should effectively document what occurred in case of a collision. The GPS tracking device should provide accurate real-time information about the location of a vehicle.

That’s why many Sydney companies now invest in quality dash cams and GPS tracking devices. Here at Dela Technologies, we install in-vehicle camera systems and GPS devices for different industries such as sales, maintenance, construction and logistics.

You can explore the cost-effective solutions we provide to commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks. These can help you improve efficiency, security and safety of your fleet.