Field Staff Tracking System: How to Improve Productivity

By superadmin on July 13, 2017 in Blog

A field staff tracking system can help improve productivity, efficiency, personal accountability and even your company’s reputation. You can also gather data where to improve your operations and field staff deployment.

That’s why many Sydney companies (especially in sales and logistics industries) invest heavily in tracking systems. It’s a worthwhile investment that may actually transform how you do business. Here are some of the specific reasons why:

1. More efficient route planning

A system is actually a synergy of different technologies. For instance, effective field staff tracking might require a combination of GPS fleet tracking, in-vehicle camera systems and even personal tracking devices.

In particular, GPS fleet tracking can help in more efficient route planning. Many Sydney companies have already utilised GPS for planning the routes for many of their operations. This has helped them save on fuel, labour and overtime costs. In addition, the company gets to deliver their goods on a timely manner.

2. Improved personal accountability

Getting from point A to point B might not be straightforward. Perhaps there are “unofficial” tasks that the drivers attended to. Or maybe there are unnecessary stopovers along the way.

It could also be the case during vehicle accidents. Without in-vehicle camera systems, it will be almost impossible to figure out who’s really accountable. This can lead to payment of legal fines and a mark on your company’s reputation.

Dash cams and DVR vision systems can help you prevent those problems. There will be an improved personal accountability. You will be encouraging the drivers to drive more responsibly. In addition, you also encourage your field staff to go straight to the destination. Your in-vehicle cameras and GPS tracking will work hand in hand to accomplish this.

3. Improve safety and company reputation

Aside from improving productivity and efficiency, a field staff tracking system can also help improve safety and company reputation. As mentioned earlier, the staff will be encouraged to drive more responsibly. This leads to improved safety while on the road.

There are also lone worker safety devices which can protect employees against threats and emergencies. This is important especially when your employees get deployed in remote areas. The devices can send an alert or notification in case something happens.

The company’s reputation will also benefit. They will be known as the company that applies safety practices. They will also be known as someone that delivers on time. As a result, the company will acquire more customers.

Field staff tracking system Sydney

Many companies have already realised safety and cost benefits because of an effective tracking system for their fleet and employees. They have requested us here at Dela Technologies to install and implement the system for their companies.

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